Answer your phone with confidence

KONTXT Voice screens your calls letting you see who is calling and why, allowing you to choose to accept or decline the call in real-time.
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AI Powered Call Screening

KONTXT Voice provides a unique voice fingerprinting service that goes beyond simple phone number database blocking, using AI warning notifications as a call is being screened to identify unwanted calls and potentially fraudulent callers with ease!

Answer Smarter. See what the call is about before you pick up.

Your time is valuable, so ensure that you are picking up the calls that matter when they matter. Our AI identifies the intent of the call, from appointment reminders to school cancellations, allowing you to know whether you want to read the transcript later or answer the call immediately.

How it works

Screen Suspicious Calls

Let KONTXT answer suspicious and unknown calls and play a custom greeting to ask why they are calling.

Analyze and Classify

KONTXT AI Voice engine listens and analyzes the characteristics of the callers voice and transcribes what the caller is saying, letting you know what the call is about before you answer.

Accept, Block or Ignore

See in realtime whether the caller is a robot, human or spam. Auto-reject or accept or send the caller to voicemail.

See What the Caller is Saying

KONTXT analysis provides live call transcriptions and distinguishes between human and robot callers. It detects spam calls, protecting against fraud and nuisance. Calls are categorized for easy identification.

Customize the Conversation

When KONTXT answers a call it plays a message to the caller that you are screening the call. You can customize the message to your caller when accepting or declining the call.

Never Miss an Important Call

All screened calls are recorded and transcribed saving important conversations you can listen to later.

Take back control of your phone

KONTXT call screening app is your new best friend. No need to worry about missed calls, unknown callers or distractions. Keep your phone safe and secure with KONTXT.

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