KONTXT for Voice


  • Total spam calls and complaints to the FTC are down (which is likely due to the COVID-19 pandemic), yet there has been an increase in government imposter, medical & prescriptions, and get rich quick scams that prey on fear during the pandemic.

  • A recent AARP survey found that 44% of people in the U.S. have been contacted by one of the government impersonators. 79% U.S. adults who were targeted and/or victimized by an impostor scam say the scammer contacted them by phone.

  • As countries begin to re-open, consumers can expect spam calls to return to their normal call volume

How it works

KONTXT for Voice is an AI-backed service that actively blocks fraudulent calls.

  • KONTXT data science has curated 1000s of fraudulent caller data including robocalls and human voice spam.

  • These samples are used to train our proprietary AI model to predict whether an inbound call is spam or not spam.

  • The system continues to learn and adapt based on feedback from users as well as our anti-fraud experts that research latest trends in voice scam ploys

  • KONTXT for Voice is deployable for carrier operators as well as for Enterprise VoIP via KONTXT cloud API