• Total spam calls and complaints to the FTC are rising again, including an increase in government imposter, medical & prescriptions, and get rich quick scams that prey on fear.

  • A recent AARP survey found that 44% of people in the U.S. have been contacted by one of the government impersonators. 79% U.S. adults who were targeted and/or victimized by an impostor scam say the scammer contacted them by phone.

  • Currently technologies in market only address part of the problem (phone number reputation) and do not examine the actual voice content of the criminal caller.

How it works

KONTXT for VOICE is an AI-backed service that actively blocks fraudulent calls.

  • KONTXT data science has curated a large library of fraudulent caller data including robocalls and human voice spam.

  • These samples are used to train our proprietary AI model to predict whether an inbound call is spam or not spam.

  • The system continues to learn and adapt based on feedback from users as well as our anti-fraud experts that research latest trends in voice scam ploys

  • KONTXT for VOICE is deployable for carrier operators as well as for Enterprise VoIP via KONTXT cloud API