KONTXT for Mobile Marketing

KONTXT for Marketing is a companion app that combines real-time insights about how your mobile content will resonate with your audience.  Our AI-backed solution examines use of language such as complexity,  structure, resonance, sentiment and then quantifies how your audience will react to variants using historical KPIs.  The insights we provide allow marketers to:

• Increase loyalty, increase response rate, reduce cost, reduce attrition risk + brand cancel
• Send the right content/tone to the right audience to meet the campaign objective
• Defining the relationship between your Intent and customer Perception
• Learn behaviors of population, segments and individuals in order to optimize models

  The outcome for your brand is incredible:

• Reduce attrition (increase loyalty) by 5% in 3 months
• Increase response-rate by 5% in 3 months
• Reduce cost of management by 20% in 1 year
• Eliminate non-compliance risk through checks and alerts

How it works

Seamless integration with major commerce and content platforms.