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KONTXT is the Mobile Carrier Services division of RealNetworks®, and we’ve powered innovations in the telecom sector for decades. In fact, RealNetworks boasts some of the most widely-used technology serving wireless customers around the globe.

RealNetworks’ Metcalf Integrated Messaging Suite powers the world’s largest messaging interconnect system and delivers over 2 billion messages each day. Even more notable is the unmatched reliability of the RealNetworks message platform, which today boasts more than 12 years of continuous availability without ever — even once — experiencing a service interruption for customers. Altogether, the Metcalf Integrated Messaging Suite has now handled over 5 trillion message sessions without a single message being dropped on the floor.

Beyond messaging, RealNetworks products run on more than 700 million mobile handsets via the world’s most popular carriers, including Verizon, T-Mobile, Vodaphone, Telefonica, KDDI, and many others.

In addition to our longstanding expertise in mobile, RealNetworks operates a center of excellence in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our world class team combines this expertise with state-of-the-art machine learning capability to analyze and reveal the true nature of messages on mobile networks around the world.

By combining next generation technology with our deep operational experience, KONTXT delivers a new level of messaging integrity, smart routing, and control for the mobile messaging industry.


Mike Cooley

Stefano Melucci

Adam Guy
VP of Sales, Americas

Mathias Gruenwald
VP of Sales, EMEA

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A Legacy of Innovation

KONTXT and RealNetworks have a long legacy of innovation working with customers and partners globally. Reach out to our KONTXT team to learn how our products can help your organization today!