Anti-Spam and Fraud Protection for Mobile Network Operators

Stay ahead of threats and gain real-time visibility and intelligence to protect your customers from spam and fraud over voice and messaging

KONTXT Provides best-in-class protection

KONTXT goes beyond simple phone number reputation and block lists using a patented NLP (Natural Language Processing) platform for categorizing and blocking fraudulent text messages, images, and voice calls, to help carriers and businesses build customer loyalty and drive new revenue through text classification and antispam.

We have 20 plus years experince of on-premise and cloud-based deployments in mobile carriers around the world. KONTXT is fine tuned to provide flexible turn-key deployments in your network.


Comprehensive real-time scanning for advanced threat intelligence to filter unwanted messages, and fights spoofing, smishing and fraud from reaching your customers.

Secure cloud hosted message stream analysis with active threat management and automated response

Analyze and classify message traffic in realtime to control threats, filter unwanted messages and protect customers

Enforce gray route policies and allow class-of-service delivery prioritization to legitimate enterprise senders and reduce Application to Person (A2P) revenue leakage.

Flexible deployment options

Support for SMS, MMS and RCS with advanced NLP and image filtering


Screen and analyze live audio and classify and identify spam and fraud and make fast and accurate assessment to help protect global network customers and enhance your robocall mitigation program.

Easy-to-embed cloud APIs can be an important part of your Robocall Mitigation program

Track threats across multiple channels with omnichannel risk reduction

Cloud-based fraud detection reduces incoming fraud calls/messages and time wasted answering 

Containerized deployment

Integration supporting SIP and RTP

Deliver a Better Experience to Your Subscribers

Kontxt next-generation management of text messaging on mobile networks, along with state-of-the-art spam and gray route controls to ensure the best experience for your subscribers.

Protect your customers

Advanced threat intelligence filters unwanted messages and fights spoofing, smishing and fraud from reaching your customers.

Know your traffic

Analytics and reporting on traffic trends and composition by categories and originating entities gives you the actionable data you need to make decisons.

Optimize your revenues

Understanding your traffic and potential threats enables you to offer class-of-service delivery prioritization to enterprise senders and ensure compliance for A2P message senders.

Start Protecting Your Network With KONTXT

KONTXT Mobile Threat Intelligence AI-powered engine provides visibility into an organizations voice and messaging traffic, analyzing vast amounts of data to detect spam and fraud threats in real-time.