Multichannel Protection for

Communication Platforms

Be ready for the next wave of threats and turn them into opportunities by leveraging our next generation AI/ML platform and experience powering the world’s largest messaging hub.


messages scanned per day


messages flagged as spam


reliability built in

KONTXT Provides best-in-class Fraud protection

KONTXT goes beyond simple phone number reputation and block list filtering by using a patented Natural Language Processing platform for categorizing and blocking fraudulent text messages, images, and voice calls.
By leveraging our expertise in AI and machine learning, our customers are able to focus on ensuring their traffic meets the ever-changing demands of messaging and call compliance, drive new revenue through text classification, and enjoy peace of mind knowing our platform can scale to meet their growth.

We have 20 plus years experience of on-premise and cloud-based deployments for customers around the world. KONTXT is fine tuned to provide flexible turn-key deployments in your network

AI Models built on billions of actual SMS and MMS messages

Scan messages inline by integrating or use batch processing

Maintain security and ensure correct access level controls

Gather insights and compliance using our reporting system

Layer existing filter solutions on top of our AI/ML platform

What’s in an Image?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and spammers know this as well. By including their fraudulent messages inside the actual image, scammers are able to use MMS channels to bypass nearly all filters on the market today.

But not KONTXT for Messaging. Our platform goes beyond simple URL and text scanning to identify, classify and flag multimedia assets so you can ensure your platform is safe, secure, and compliant.

KONTXT for Messaging

Comprehensive real-time scanning for advanced threat intelligence to filter unwanted messages, and fights spoofing, smishing and fraud from reaching your customers.

Secure cloud hosted message stream analysis with active threat management and automated response

Analyze and classify message traffic in realtime to control threats, filter unwanted messages and protect customers

Enforce gray route policies and allow class-of-service delivery prioritization to legitimate enterprise senders and reduce Application to Person (A2P) revenue leakage.

Flexible deployment options, on-premise or in the cloud

Support for SMS, MMS and RCS

KONTXT for Voice

Screen and analyze live audio and classify and identify spam and fraud and make fast and accurate assessment to help protect global network customers and enhance your robocall mitigation program.

Easy-to-embed cloud APIs can be an important part of your Robocall Mitigation program

Track threats across multiple channels with omnichannel risk reduction

Cloud-based fraud detection reduces incoming fraud calls/messages and time wasted answering 

Containerized deployment

Integration supporting SIP and RTP

A Legacy of Innovation

KONTXT and RealNetworks have a long legacy of innovation working with customers and partners globally. Reach out to our KONTXT team to learn how our products can help your organization today!