Protect your customers from spam and fraud voice calls

AI-powered streaming audio analysis and classification

Deliver a Better Experience to Your Subscribers

The KONTXT for Voice solution goes beyond simple phone number block lists using machine-learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze the voice and intent of the human or robo-caller, making fast and accurate threat assessments to help protect customers from spam and fraud.

Network-Based Call Screening

Audio Analysis

KONTXT AI engine listens and anlayzes the full audio of an incoming phone call to determine if the caller is human, recorded human, or robot.

Transcription and Classification

Using automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natual language processing (NLP) KONTXT uncovers the intent of the caller and classifies the call as spam or non-spam providing additional category information about the call such as auto warranty, pharmacy, school, etc.

Call Treatment

KONTXT provides a rich set of analytics that allows mobile providers to customize how the call is handled based on business rules or customer settings.

HOW it works

KONTXT for Voice analyzes the actual audio of an incoming voice call. AI machine learning models combined with NLP (natural language processing) to determine the true intent of the caller.

Stream Audio

Incoming calls is routed to the KONTXT platform which answers the call and plays a friendly greeting to the caller prompting them to state their reason for the call.

Audio Analysis

KONTXT listens for a response and analyzes the charactersitics of the streaming audio examining voice quality, liveness, hisses and pops, pauses, and additional audio features.


KONTXT analyzes the live transcription of what the caller is saying to determine the intent of the call.

Call Handling

Use the data KONTXT to route the call at the network level or present to the subscriber and let them make the decision to accept or decline the call.

Mobile Operators

We have 20 plus years experince of on-premise and cloud-based deployments in mobile carriers around the world. KONTXT is fine tuned to provide flexible turn-key deployments in your network.


Cloud-based APIs provide easy and flexible integration.

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A Legacy of Innovation

KONTXT and RealNetworks have a long legacy of innovation working with customers and partners globally. Reach out to our KONTXT team to learn how our products can help your organization today!