Mobile Messaging Protection

KONTXT provides best-in-class, real-time monitoring and threat intelligence to secure your SMS & MMS mobile messaging platform

Go Beyond Basic Messaging firewalls with KONTXT’s Multi-Layered Approach

KONTXT analyzes the complete content of each message to classify traffic throughout your network, making it the most effective solution for detecting and preventing mobile messaging threats.
Using natural language processing (NLP) and patent-pending AI machine learning analytics KONTXT classifies traffic across your network providing visibility to content analysis and data surrounding content to detect and prevent fraud and spam from reaching end users on mobile networks.

Malicous URL Detection

Smishing typically begins with a user clicking a link. KONTXT analyzes the entire message detecting and validating every URL in realtime.

Sender Reputation

Continuous monitoring and dynamic MDN risk rating for each sender based on analysis of actual message content.

Policy and Controls

Business policy and operator controls provide flexibility to fine tune KONTXT to your business.

Image Analysis

KONTXT uses advanced character recognition techniques, binary hashing and machine learning to detect fraud in MMS messages.  

Classify and Categorize

KONTXT looks at the whole message using NLP to understand the intent or the reason behind the text and what the message is about (Topic) – in other words context matters!

Campaign Clustering

Advanced message and campaign clustering characterizes message traffic enabling proactive prevention of spam and fraud messages from reaching customers.

HOW it works

KONTXT sits on the side of your messaging platform processing and analyzing billions of messaging data points using NLP (natural language processing) and deep learning techniques.


Realtime inline analysis or offline via CDR feed of messages content crossing your network examining markers in common messages types like P2P, A2P, spam, etc, even when metadata is incomplete.


KONTXT identifies spam and fraud messages and assigns messages to Application to Person (A2P) messages with shared patterns to categories, or classes which are meaningful to your business.


Business rules complement or override machine learning determinations to enforce specific brand or message types on specific routes or to block or allow specific senders or campaigns.


Filter and block unwanted, spam and fraud messages, fight smishing and ensure 10DLC and A2P compliance.

KONTXT Protection

Text messaging remains the one channel which all mobile users can reliably communicate and has become increasingly popular for marketers and business to connect with their customers. With instant message notification and a high open rate, text messaging is a prime target for fraud activity and spam messages leaving customers vulnerable to being scammed.


SMS phishing, or smishing campaigns mimic legitimate A2P messages and include a malicious link with a call to action that trick users into believing they are accessing a legitimate site. KONTXT offers a unique approach to stopping smishing combining a network of external blocklisting providers with propretary heruistic rules and machine learning tailored for the detection of suspicous URLs.

Smishing with Images

KONTXT is the only solution on the market that detects spam and fraud in images. Leveraging advanced character recognition and machine learning, KONTXT identifies MMS messages attempting to use an image that looks like a legitimate SMS message.


Most spam filters and SMS firewalls rely on velocity to detect spam. A snowshoeing attack is when a large number of senders send only a few messages to spread out the attack. Since KONTXT inspects each message these types of attacks are identified. Advanced clustering groups of similar messages allows you to take the appropriate measures to prevent the threat.

Geo Spam

KONTXT’s multi-layered approach gives flexibility to take into account regulations and policies that differ by geography. Messages that may be legal in on area may be considered spam in another (i.e. gambling, alcohol, etc)

Analytics and Reporting

KONTXT reporting and analytics show you the top offenders on your network and helps to identify different types of threats such as Smishing, Smishing with images, Snowshoeing, and Geo Spam violations.

Actionable insights help you protect Application to Person (A2P) revenue leakage by shutting down grey routes. Filter unwanted messages, enforce gray route policies, and offer class-of-service delivery prioritization to enterprise senders.

Deliver a Better Experience to Your Subscribers

KONTXT combines next-generation management of text messaging on mobile networks with state-of-the-art spam and gray route controls to ensure the best experience for your subscribers.

Protect your customers

Advanced threat intelligence filters unwanted messages and fights spoofing, smishing and fraud from reaching your customers.

Know your traffic

Analytics and reporting on traffic trends and composition by categories and originating entities gives you the actionable data you need to make decisions.

Optimize your revenues

Understanding your traffic and potential threats enables you to offer class-of-service delivery prioritization to enterprise senders and ensure compliance for A2P message senders.

Start Protecting Your Network With KONTXT

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