KONTXT™ helps you defeat fraud and improve customer engagement in real-time.

Our AI platform helps improve mobile content deliverability and detects fraud/spam over RCS, SMS, MMS, Voice and IP channels so you can build trust with your customers and partners.

What KONTXT does

KONTXT uses patent-pending AI technology to provide  proactive management of text and multi-media messaging on mobile networks. Kontxt allows network operators and aggregators to deliver a consistently better messaging experience for their subscribers by detecting and blocking spam, SMiShing & fraud as well as classifying legitimate content. Mobile carriers, message aggregators and interconnect vendors can reliably filter unwanted messages, enforce gray route policies, and offer class-of-service delivery prioritization to enterprise senders.

KONTXT’s reliable and accurate insight into the true nature of message content empowers mobile network operators, message aggregators and interconnect vendors with actionable insights, to: • effectively combat spam and fraud messages • identify and block source MDNs and networks • audit and manage A2P & P2P traffic • enforce interconnect policies • optimize revenue with class-of-service delivery models • identify gray route sources • scan images and other files for fraud, spam, and malware Go beyond the firewall with KONTXT