Ensuring trust in Communication

Our next generation platform uses artificial intelligence and a library of machine-trained models to help defeat fraud and improve customer engagement by analyzing SMS, MMS and Voice calls in real-time.



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Protecting and serving the mobile communications industry since 2003


KONTXT makes a Difference

KONTXT goes beyond simple phone number reputation and block lists using a patented NLP (Natural Language Processing) platform for categorizing and blocking fraudulent text messages, images, and voice calls, to help carriers and businesses build customer loyalty and drive new revenue through text classification and anti-spam.
SMS Messaging

Analyze and classify message traffic in realtime to control threats and protect Application to Person (A2P) revenue leakage by shutting down grey routes.

Voice Calls

Screen, transcribe, and analyze live audio to detect fraud and spam as calls are happening using easy-to-embed APIs.

MMS Messaging

KONTXT uses advanced character recognition techniques, binary hashing and machine learning to analyze multimedia assets and detect fraud in MMS messages. 

Why KONTXT is the right choice for you

Data Science

Data Science is at the core of what we do. KONTXT uses natural language processing (NLP) and world-class machine learning and analytics to detect and block spam and fraud.

Anti-Spam and Fraud

Analysis of content and intent of the sender ensures spam and fraud messages and voice calls from reaching customers.

Omni Channel

KONTXT analyzes and protects across multiple channels and protocols including SMS, MMS, RCS, SMTP, SIP, RTP, and Diameter.

Multi-Layer Protection

AI and Machine learning models combined with sender reputation, malicious URL detection, image analysis, voice print analysis, and policy controls provides complete coverage to detect and block threats.

Threat Intelligence

By examining the actual content of a message or voice call audio, KONTXT goes beyond existing solutions to keep ahead of new threats as they evolve.

Actionable Insight

Realtime alerts, campaign clustering, trend analysis provide visibility and understand your traffic and identify potential threats.

Ensure protected communication with KONTXT

Stay ahead of threats and gain real-time visibility and intelligence to protect your customers from spam and fraud.