Top Spam Campaigns to Start this Holiday Season

With Halloween in the rearview, the 2021 holiday season spam and fraud campaigns to steal your money are officially underway– and the criminals are out in droves. Let’s take a look at the most egregious junk hitting the SMS/MMS/RCS messaging and voice gateways right now. 

  • Insured Protect Cars sent you a full cover on your car at just 25.64/month. Download your copy from <redacted>
  • Pay only 40 a month and get your car fully covered. check <redacted>
  • We are offering full cover for any type of car. Only20.60 monthly. Click here
  • No more huge stomach with just 1 cup of this for 20 nights . Get started
  • <redacted> one cup a day sheds 15-28 lbs easily within a Week. Recommended to all by professionals
  • Good day! This is <redacted> from form the processing department. You have pre approval documents in pending status that require your immediate attention at <redacted>
  • These companies are settling in Idaho this month. You could be due part of this eight figure settlement. There is no cost to join: <redacted>
  • <redacted>, Apple has chosen you to test out their products. Please check if your details are correct so we can proceed with shipping. <redacted>
  • BestBuy is giving back to you! Get a free iPhone 13 here <redacted>
  • Walmart is seeking a store evaluator in your area, you will be earning $400.00 per each store feedback. Sign up here <redacted> for more details.
  • Could you allow an AD of 15 x 12 inches sticker on your car and get $600 weekly? visit <redacted> to apply.
  • Dear <redacted>, we are excited to be able to offer a promotional deferral to you on your Westmark installment loan during this holiday season!
  • <redacted>, your IP address: <redacted> is being tracked due to infestation of virus. Find solution here <redacted>
  • <redacted>, your credit cards limit is now open to use. Make first transaction to avoid suspension <redacted>

Here are some classic fraud calls blocked by KONTXT Voice. I used to get 9 a day, now I get none.

  •  Hi. It’s <redacted>. Hope you’re doing well. I know your health plan is an important decision for you and can be a little confusing, But we’re here to help find you in affordable plans. When you get a minute, please give me a call <redacted> Again, <redacted>.
  • Hi your loan for $10,000 has been approved. Press four to speak with our loan officer. Press four now.
  • Hello. This is <redacted>. I’m calling on behalf of local insurance advisor on a recorded line. I’m calling for <redacted>. Hello.
  •  Hello. This is <redacted>. and I’m a social security disability consultant on a recorded line and you can press one to be removed. Now I show here. Um, that you’ve [that’s an automatic disconnect! -mjb)

And so much more. I love my job.

Education is our best defense, please reach out to your loved ones and remind them to be watchful for potentially fraudulent text messages, images, emails and calls during the holiday season and all year ’round. Remember :: anyone can get scammed if you leave your guard down. Even the stalwart anti-fraud fighter Jim Browning was taken! It can happen to any of us.

If you receive any questionable content via voice, image or text, please feel free to connect with me privately and I can help you determine if the content is fraudulent. Your support fuels our machine learning algorithms.