This Holiday’s Nastiest Robocalls

and Voice Scams so far

Back at you with the top hits from the KONTXT for Voice anti-spam / anti-fraud app. Let’s take a look at the nastiest inbound calls from criminals trying to take your money during this holiday season.

  • Hey, we’re interested in buying your property as is if you’re open to one offer, please let us know as soon as possible. Thank you.
  • This is the health coverage network. They’re perfect health plans for you. They cover all medical costs and are extremely discounted.
  • Hi. Your loan for $10,000 has been approved. Press four to speak with our loan officer. Press four now.
  • Hi, this is <redacted> calling about the rent to own homes. How are you today?
  • Hi. My name is <redacted>. I’m calling from us home Solar. How are you doing?
  • This is <redacted> from United Advisors on a recorded line. I’m following up with a request. I understand that you might be looking into some Medicare programs that could decrease your health care cost.
  • I’m <redacted> calling you from Delaware BPO. How are you doing today? Glad to hear that at Delaware BPO. We handle your company’s incoming and outgoing customer calls at a very cheap rate.
  • Auto insurance rates have dropped up to 50% in your area. Based on your ZIP code. You could potentially see significant savings to speak with a specialist, Please Press two 
  • Dear, valued customer. If you haven’t missed any payment in your electric bill, you’re eligible to receive $50 and a gift card. Please Press one now to redeem your reward.
  • A pre authorized purchase of an Apple MacBook pro and an apple airpods is being ordered from your Amazon account for an amount of $1537.35. To cancel your order or to connect with one of our customer support. Representative, please Press one.

We are seeing more robots fighting robots; spammers and scammers are setting up scripts to see if a robot is picking up your call:

  • In case of a fast pick up we ask you to let us know that you are not a voicemail system, so you need to press one to take this call.

And so much more. I still love my job.

Education is our best defense, please reach out to your loved ones and remind them to be watchful for potentially fraudulent text messages, images, emails and calls during the holiday season and all year ’round. Remember :: anyone can get scammed if you leave your guard down.

If you receive any questionable content via voice, image or text, please feel free to connect with me privately and I can help you determine if the content is fraudulent. Your support fuels our machine learning algorithms.