URL Checking on KONTXT: How We Keep You Safe in Real-Time

At KONTXT, we’re committed to making SMS messaging safer by using advanced technology to identify and block potentially harmful URLs contained within a message. With millions of messaging passing through KONTXT per hour and the need to keep latency to a minimum, a common question that we get from customers and prospects alike is how do you check on URLs in real-time?

To keep our latency to a minimum, we’ve designed our platform to be highly efficient and scalable. We use a distributed architecture that allows us to process large volumes of SMS messages quickly and without delays. Our platform is also optimized to use minimal resources, ensuring that it can operate at high speeds even during peak usage periods.

This pattern also applies to our approach in checking URLs. One of the key tools we use to identify potentially fraudulent URLs is built right into the core of KONTXT, and that is machine learning. Our KONTXT platform is trained on a vast database of URLs that have been flagged as malicious in the past, allowing it to recognize patterns and trends that may indicate fraudulent behavior. By analyzing URLs in real-time using machine learning, we’re able to identify potential threats quickly and accurately, and block them before they can do any harm.

In addition to machine learning, we also examine the metadata associated with the domain in question. This includes information such as the domain registrar, the date of the domain registration, and other details that may be indicative of fraudulent activity. By combining machine learning with careful examination of domain metadata, we’re able to build a comprehensive picture of where the URL came from and assess its level of risk more accurately.

Finally, when the system needs a little human intervention, we make use of pattern matching to identify potentially harmful URLs that may have slipped through the cracks. Our system allows a team of human reviewers to manually examine URLs for patterns that may indicate fraudulent behavior.

By combining machine learning, metadata analysis, pattern matching, and human review, we’re able to provide a comprehensive and effective solution to URL checking in real-time. Contact our team to learn more about how you can use KONTXT for Messaging to help make SMS messaging a safer place for everyone.