KONTXT Message Filter for iOS

The Most Powerful Carrier-Grade Anti-Fraud & Classification Solution for Messaging is now available on iPhone

Supercharge Consumer Protection

Embrace the future of mobile network protection with the latest advancements in iOS. It’s time to stay one step ahead of the curve and take your portfolio to new heights. By integrating comprehensive mobile network protection offerings, you can provide your users with an unrivaled level of security.
With the ever-evolving threat landscape, safeguarding your users is of paramount importance. That’s why it’s crucial to adopt proactive measures that identify and block harmful messages before they have a chance to cause any damage. Our solution offers an impenetrable shield against potential dangers, ensuring the safety and peace of mind of your users.

KONTXT’s Multi-layered Approach Defends Users Against Spam a Fraudulent Messages

At the heart of our solution lies cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Through its seamless integration, KONTXT effortlessly identifies and blocks the most intrusive spam and fraudulent messages. By leveraging advanced machine learning models, trained on real message data, our system analyzes millions of messages daily with unmatched speed and accuracy. With KONTXT, you can revolutionize message classification and ensure that your users are protected from mobile messaging threats.

Declutter Your Messaging Experience

AI filters auto-organize text messages for a tidy inbox

Seamless integration with KONTXT Filter APIs

Partner with Us: Unleash the Power of White Label Integration for SMS Text Filtering

Flexible Integration

KONTXT Filter APIs provide various integration options, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate our powerful messaging security solution into your existing products.

Scalable & Reliable

Designed to handle high message volumes and can scale alongside the growth of your user base, our solution ensures reliability and stability, guaranteeing uninterrupted service for your users even during peak messaging periods.

Continuous Support & Upgrades

Our white label solution guarantees ongoing support and regular updates from our dedicated team. By staying informed about the latest messaging threats and industry trends, we ensure that KONTXT maintains its position at the forefront of messaging security technology.

Maximize Brand Potential: Tap into iPhone Messaging’s Power

Whether you’re a carrier striving to protect subscribers or an app provider already safeguarding customers, integrate seamlessly with our APIs and unlock access to millions of users. Expand your reach and make a significant impact by connecting with the vast user base of iPhone messaging.

KONTXT Filter Proactive Protection

AI Filtering

Our advanced Al filters surpass basic keyword matching rules. By understanding language nuances and context, our system accurately differentiates between spam and vital communications.

Malicious URL Detection

KONTXT ensures comprehensive security by detecting and validating every URL in real-time, leaving no room for harmful links to go unnoticed.

Sender Reputation

With vigilant monitoring, KONTXT closely observes every sender and assigns a dynamic risk rating based on the actual content of each message.

Classify & Categorize

KONTXT employs natural language processing to analyze the entire message. It automatically filters spam into a junk folder and categorizes other messages according to iOS-defined categories.

Threat Intelligence

KONTXT excels at detecting message variations, including diverse patterns, languages, and textual differences.

Enhanced Reporting Capability

Our reporting extension allows users to report misclassified communications (including calls), contributing to ongoing accuracy improvements.

The future of SMS Filtering

Download the KONTXT Filter app today! Together, let’s revolutionize the way we combat SMS spam and ensure a safer mobile messaging experience for everyone. Stay ahead of the threats and unlock the full potential of your platform with KONTXT.