Brand Protection

Get real-time alerts when your brand assets are being mis-used.

Guard your most valuable asset and turn every message into actionable data

Scammers are misappropriating (illegally utilizing) the brands of well-known consumer companies, which directly affects those who have been defrauded of billions of dollars, but also has an indirect and direct influence on the brands’ value through support and compensation costs. By merging KONTXT’s expertise in the text messaging ecosystem with understanding of the voice calling environment, we can work together to create a brand safeguard to track and report suspicious activities, and then engage with telecom carriers to shut down the scammers.

Identify Threat

KONTXT’s machine learning identifies exploited brands in smishing campaigns via number reputation, text, image and audio classification APIs.

Protect & Alert

Analytics and reporting provides insights on how your brand is being misused and gives you the actionable data you need to make to protect your brand and customers.

Take Action

KONTXT security analysts will investigate and disclose the source of the exploit.

How It Works

Register Brand

Protect your business name, logo, and any brand related assets used for legitimate outbound communications.


KONTXT examines registered brand assets and compares those assets against messaging and voice traffic to ensure the brand is not being mis-appropriated.


Suspicious and proven malicious brand usage is identified, labeled, blocked, and quarantined. ​


In-depth brand threat report on alerts, volumes, trends, usage/incidents, channels etc.

Start Protecting Your Brand With KONTXT