RealNetworks KONTXT Outperforms the Competition on Preventing Mobile Fraud and Spam

“Why is my text spam getting worse?”

“Because your carrier is not using KONTXT.”

Empirical evidence received from end-customer mobile text spam reports (7726) has shown that RealNetworks’ KONTXT AI-based anti-spam/anti-fraud solution significantly outperforms the competition. When placed in-network between senders and end-consumer devices, KONTXT would block 78% of the spam/fraud when compared with current in-network anti-spam solutions. With additional ground-truth and ML training cycles, the block rate would climb to over 90% as seen today for TelCo routes under KONTXT protection.

KONTXT receives 7726 feed data via feedback loops. These 7726 feeds are made of messages reported as spam by consumers and cover both SMS and MMS methods. Since these message were reported by the end-consumer, then by definition, these messages bypassed anti-spam systems already in place on their on-net and inter-carrier routes.

For example, during one period analyzed by KONTXT data scientists, there were 1.45 million reports from 140k unique numbers. 85k of these senders were back traced via number look-up. 15.5k out of the 85k were from on-network numbers and accounted for 70% of the reports. KONTXT ML would have blocked 78% of these reports and prevented millions of messages from traversing US networks and airwaves.

Says Michael Bordash, KONTXT CTO, “We had a hunch that our unique ML model would outperform the usual suspects, but the actual result from empirical evidence is completely surprising. The level of maturity and effectiveness of the KONTXT method significantly outperforms solutions that have been in market for decades. Our new anti-fraud/spam solutions for voice and images, coupled with our exceptional NLP for text, have shown us that the creativity of the criminal mind knows no bounds and all inbound channels to the customer are under threat. KONTXT protects mobile consumers, our friends, family, co-workers– we too remain both vigilant and creative in this constant battle for your data.”

RealNetworks KONTXT is available for TelCos and Enterprises for text, audio, and image fraud detection and prevention. KONTXT supports every major protocol, including RCS, MMS, SMS, SMTP, Diameter, SIP, REST, gRPC, for in-network and over-the-top use cases. You can download KONTXT for consumers via Google Play to get a taste of what we can do.

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