Well it is spring again and a new crop of fraud has entered into the mobile airwaves. KONTXT patented machine learning classifier for spam and fraud identifies common scams across voice and messaging channels. Criminals will stop at nothing to grab your personal info, money and private wallet keys. Be ever vigilant.

Top spam and fraud phone calls

  1. <redacted>, with insurance quotes calling for <redacted>. I’m here to help with your health insurance quotes.
  2. Hello. This is <redacted> calling from fresh start info. I tried to reach out to you regarding your inquiry on resolving your tax debt. Please give me a call back at <redacted> your earliest convenience. Thank you.
  3. Hello. I’m contacting you today regarding your cash One account. It’s important for you to return our call today at <redacted> thank you and have a great day.
  4. Hello. This is <redacted> Student loan support. Our records indicate you are eligible for a loan Forgiveness program, but never completed the required documents. If you want to proceed with this application, and we need to speak with you today.
  5. We tried reaching out to you in regards to some information you requested. It is our understanding you may have money owed to you. Please give us a call at <redacted>.
  6. Hello. This is a message from Bank of America. We regret to inform you that your debit card has been locked. To reactivate it. Please press one now and you will be transferred to our security department.

Spam and fraud messages

  1. Just one mug prior to sleeping. <redacted> Take off your huge Belly within 30 Nights? Check <redacted>
  2. The package addressed to <redacted> at <redacted> seems suspicious. Can you confirm that this is indeed the right person? You have 24 hours before we send out queries across all possible databases for matches! <redacted>
  3. 🤑 We’re transferring $4,210 to your bank account, <redacted>. Kindly confirm if this transaction is valid. Leave us a message here: <redacted> 💳
  4. <redacted>, you’re going to be a Samsung product tester. Thanks to your friend from <redacted> who recommended you! Check out the gadgets you will receive and test now! <redacted>

Spam and fraud disguised as text messages

When you close one door fraudsters try another more dangerous tactic by creating an image that looks like a text message and travels as an MMS image which can pass through less sophisticated SMS firewalls, but not KONTXT.

No alt text provided for this image

This isn’t how the IRS works…

No alt text provided for this image
Total fraud. Chances are you’re not lucky enough to actually win this much money.
No alt text provided for this image
This isn’t how coinbase works. You just receive coin… there is no such thing as pending acceptance.

This is just the tip of the iceberg– the rest is nicely remembered the KONTXT AI model as ground truth. 

Education is the best defense, please reach out to your loved ones and remind them to be watchful for potentially fraudulent text messages, images, emails and calls. Remember – anyone can get scammed if you leave your guard down.